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Over 50 years of industry experience and expertise in real estate financial services.

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Utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance real estate financial services.


Real Estate Asset Management

Maximize real estate asset value with our strategic management services. Our asset managers handle property operations, ensuring compliance and performance. Through financial analysis, we identify opportunities for increased profitability. We develop customized portfolio strategies, evaluate investments, mitigate risks, and optimize long-term value.

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Debt & Structured Finance

Our experienced team utilizes an extensive lender network to secure the best terms for debt requirements. With expertise across various asset classes and risk profiles, we excel in customizing financing solutions tailored to individual needs, particularly in Florida, USA.

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Equity & Investor Relations

With a vast network of equity partners and investors, we connect clients with suitable investment opportunities. Our investor relations services encompass crafting investment narratives and managing communications to build and nurture investor relationships. By combining equity and debt financing through their execution platform, We offer personalized solutions that align with clients' unique requirements.

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Commercial Mortgage Loans

We offer specialized real estate financing solutions tailored to construction, rehab, rental properties, multifamily, and transitional financing. Our services include customized loan structures, quick approval, competitive rates, and ongoing support.

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Residential Mortgage Loans

We offer a comprehensive range of residential mortgage loans, including conventional, VA, USDA, and non-conventional options. We provide streamlined application processes, competitive rates, and personalized guidance. With expertise in catering to unique circumstances.

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Legal and Tax Compliance Services

Customized legal and tax compliance services for real estate investments in the United States. We provide comprehensive representation for successful transactions, including negotiation and structuring. Our legal advisors specialize in tax controversy matters and pre-immigration tax planning, helping clients minimize tax liability when relocating to the U.S. Their collaborative approach ensures compliance with U.S. tax laws and reduces the global tax burden for investors.

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Title & Insurance

We offer comprehensive title services that ensure a clear and protected title for real estate buyers. Our title insurance provides coverage against potential claims and issues, ensuring property rights and long-term security. Our partners handles the title search and closing process, ensuring a smooth transaction and identifying any risks. As an authorized agent for Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and certified by Secure Insight, we prioritize client protection and information security.

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Real Estate Bookkeeping & BPO

We offer specialized Real Estate Bookkeeping & BPO services to assist real estate professionals and companies with their financial management. We provide accurate transaction records and prepare comprehensive financial reports, aiding in decision-making. Budgeting and forecasting services help optimize financial performance. By outsourcing these tasks, clients benefit from cost efficiency and scalability while focusing on core activities. We ensure compliance, offer regulatory support, and help navigate complex tax requirements. With our expertise, streamlined operations, and valuable insights, we are a trusted partner for real estate bookkeeping and BPO services.

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With over 50 years of expertise in real estate financial services, JM3 Finance stands as a trusted provider of comprehensive solutions for both commercial and residential properties. Renowned for our unwavering work ethic, distinctive culture, and collaborative approach, we leverage advanced technology to deliver exceptional outcomes. JM3 Finance pioneers the transformation of the real estate industry by harnessing cutting-edge tools and unparalleled resources, ensuring our clients' wealth growth and augmenting the value of their real estate investment strategies.