Legal and Tax Compliance Services

At JM3 Finance, we understand that investing in real estate in the United States can come with its own set of challenges, such as higher tax burdens and potential issues with property titles. That's why we partner with acredited legal advisors to provide customized and comprehensive residential and commercial real estate legal services to both local and international investors.

Here's how JM3 Finance, in collaboration with our legal advisors, can assist you:

Real Estate Representation: Our team considers all possible liabilities and impediments to ensure a successful investment. Our advisors experienced attorneys negotiate, structure, and analyze the entire transaction, from contract signing to closing. Whether it's residential or commercial, improved or unimproved land, we provide the legal expertise needed to navigate the complexities of real estate transactions.

Tax Controversy Assistance: Dealing with taxing authorities can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Our legal advisors represents individuals, businesses, and tax-exempt organizations in tax controversy matters before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Florida Department of Revenue, Florida Counties, and municipal taxing authorities. We handle all stages of the administrative process, including audits, appeals, and even litigating tax disputes in U.S. Tax Court and federal/state courts. Our goal is to provide effective solutions while minimizing the stress for our clients.

Pre-Immigration Tax Planning: Relocating to the United States requires careful consideration of the tax implications. Even transactions that may not be taxable in your home country can have tax consequences in the U.S. Our team of advisors provides pre-immigration tax planning strategies to help you understand and minimize your tax liability. We ensure that you are well-prepared for the financial aspects of becoming a U.S. resident, whether it's for yourself, your family, or your business.

Global Tax Burden Reduction: Through our pre-immigration tax planning methods, we help you anticipate and mitigate potential tax implications when relocating to the U.S. Our strategies are designed to effectively reduce your global tax burden, ensuring that you optimize your tax position while complying with U.S. tax laws.

At JM3 Finance, we are dedicated to providing you with the necessary legal and tax expertise to make informed real estate investment decisions in the United States. Our collaborative approach ensures that you receive comprehensive support throughout the entire process, from transaction analysis to tax planning and resolution of tax controversies. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can benefit you when investing in U.S. real estate.